Welcome to “The School of Light Alchemy ~ Infinite Healing for Mind, Body & Soul.” Our Mission is to guide you to self-actualization of your God Self; your I
AM Presence in action.

Every soul has a “divine spark” within, a unique aspect of God, that can only be realized through your lifestream. No other soul has your unique blueprint.

We are committed to you reaching the highest potential of self. We hold the sacred space for you to realize the highest vision of your God self.

Our Physical reality is the effect of what we first create within the spiritual realm and plan to experience while here in embodiment on Earth.
The science of Quantum Physics proves this idea by melding together science and spirituality. We are primarily spiritual beings having a human experience. The cause of what we experience resides in higher frequencies (spirit realm/ quantum field) and goes all the way back to the GodHead.

When we align with our God-Self, universal intelligence aligns all parts, people, places, resources to actualize who we truly are and fulfil our unique soul mission.

When in alignment with our higher self, our mighty I AM Presence everything flows with ease and grace. Instead of feeling like a salmon swimming upstream against the current in constant struggle, we flow downstream in the River of Life with grace.

It is when we are out of alignment with our higher self that we experience chaos and discord.

Founder shares: My soul mission is to
“Leave No Soul Left Behind”
Renata Kiss

There is nothing more powerful than alignment with your I AM Presence; your God Self in action. It feels like home, because it is; it feels like truth, because it is; it feels safe because you are; it feels like unconditional love because it is. It feels like wisdom, because it is. You are all of this, all things.

Every soul has a unique “divine spark” within; the potential to become, or realize the Christ within.

As you come into “Alignment” with your highest self, and then your I AM Presence the frequencies on every subject in your life shift out of struggle (ego) and into Absolute Freedom, Divine Love & Light Codes. ALL aspects of Self improve -Health, Vitality, Self Love, Relationships, Abundance, Finances, Wealth, Spiritual progress, Intuition, wisdom, access to your innate divine power.

Once you harness the power (real power is quiet and all-knowing) that you are, nothing can interfere with your alignment; your God Self in Action. Our number one priority each day should be alignment; this affects our frequencies in every area of our lives. Our opportunity each day is to BE our God-Self in action; the realization of your I AM Presence in this physical reality. Every soul has this opportunity to realize this vision, the christ within.

In order to accomplish this vision, merge with your higher self (holy christ self) and your I AM Presence we must examine our psyches; thoughts, beliefs, words, perceptions, judgments of ourselves and others. We must begin to heal all aspects of Self; physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual. We must begin to peel away the layers of illusion (maya) until we reach the pure light of our Being; the TRUTH.

You can not accomplish BEing your Divinity through outer reality, through reading books and acquiring knowledge. Knowledge is useless unless we apply it, practice it, experience it and embody the knowledge. You must BE the TRUTH; EMBODY the Knowledge; BECOME IT.



I invite you to join “The School of Light Alchemy ~ Infinite Healing for Mind, Body, & Soul” for the most significant part of our journey, where we will assist you in self-mastery, a journey of alignment with your higher self (holy christ self/Atman) and your mighty I AM Presence. A journey of Ascension.

Heaven is not a place, dear one, it is a state of consciousness and you can begin your journey to access it here and now.

Our Mission is to “Leave No Soul Left Behind”.

Join us on a journey of Enlightenment; travel beyond the “awakening”. Realize your soul mission.

Infinite Light & Love

Renata Anne Kiss, The EN-Light CDE Alchemist