Welcome to The Bigger Story. A fresh direction for Soul inspiration! The journey of exploring The Bigger Story was inspired by a gentle whispering, the inner voice of my higher self calling me forward. Writing the bigger story required  me to let go of fears and all that I think I know to take the plunge into uncharted waters and sail freely where my soul was guiding me. 

Hidden within my heart was a birthing of a character, a seed of creation, to be revealed in the bigger story. As my soul entwined with hers she shared ancient divine wisdom and the magic and miracles that surround us. I invite you to dance with Spirit in this unique story of awe, wonder and intrigue and open your heart to questioning all you have come to believe about your everyday reality. If you desire to THINK and QUESTION outside the box of societies everyday programs, limitations, structures than this story is for YOU!

 Any experience or expression my Soul is desiring to manifest is driven by my deeper driving WHY, my true purpose for being. I exist to Remove Internal Suffering and help others RISE. Much like the Phoenix I take you on a journey through darkness, RISING into the light. I believe we all have an innate desire to express the highest version of ourselves in this lifetime. This desire is not outside of you, it is a part of your being and simply is nudging you to move forward towards the realization of it. 

I invite you to Explore the possibility of YOUR Bigger Story within these soulful pages. 

Infinite ♾ love and light 💫