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Welcome beautiful souls,

If you have already registered and completed the Awaken Your Power free course and loved it, you may book an Exploration call with Renata’s Team to discover the opportunity to deepen your spiritual journey and self-transcendence with the Awaken Your Power Intensive program.

Awaken Your Power Intensive’s main outcome is to shift you out of a life of internal suffering/struggle and into a life of peace, more joy and the abundant life. The course is all-encompassing, meaning it addresses all levels of your being…MIND, BODY and SOUL.

Learn More About Reiki Healing

If you are currently seeking healing, balance in your life, rest & restore, calm, peace, nurturing you may consider booking one of the Intuitive Reiki Healing Sessions that speaks to your heart. If you would like to experience being fully surrounded by the loving presence of angels you may book The Ultimate Reiki Healing & Angel Love Experience.

During these unique sessions Renata will share any intuitive insights or information that are revealed during the session.