I Know Why

A Little Black Book with a BIG Vision

What is the intention behind your latest book: WHY GUY?
WHYGUY: I KNOW WHY is an inspired WHY GUIDE helping you become aware that you are here to ignite the world with your deeper reason for being. As an 18-time author and transformational novelist I’m on a mission to inspire 1 Million WHY’s in the world. I chose to co-write this book as an inspirational WHY GUIDE together with WHY TIMERS (everyday people who chose to experience one-on-one WHY TIME with me). It’s intention is to guide the world in waking up to asking the only question that matters: WHY AM i HERE?
What is the energy in this Little Black Book? 
WHY GUY: Great question Angela. Everything is energy and what we choose to focus on expands. Consider allowing the energy, insights and WHY Wisdom in these pages to ignite a deeper part of you as you strive to answer the ONLY question that leads to greater levels of fulfillment in all areas of your life: WHY AM I HERE?
Is this a self-help book about success?
WHY GUY: I KNOW WHY is not about delusional promises of fame and fortune or “Best Seller” status. Those energies do not serve the world. It’s intention is to reveal that non of us are alone in this vast universe. You are on a non-linear path towards unfolding the bigger picture of your life. This WHY GUIDE is like the universe extending its hand to use and pulling our Soul up to bask in the light of our greatness.
What is this new ROI for the world that you are inspiring? 
WHY GUY: This WHY GUIDE is aligned with a BIG intention of creating a new ROI for the world ~ one where we all Reach Out and Inspire others to understand our deeper role in the universe. Imagine 1 Million people supporting one another to answer the only question that matters: WHY AM i HERE? This is the realization of our deeper WHY; the World Helped by You.