Awaken Your Power

With Angelic Goddess ~ keeper of the light & Author Renata Kiss

Heal and transcend your limitations; rediscover and awaken your inner power to experience more self-love & abundance in 104 Days

Get ready to feel lighter and free as you heal, empower, and experience the Abundant life you desire with ease.

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✨ “Awaken Your Power ” transcendence program is for you to begin to experience more freedom, greater confidence, increased abundance and peace of mind.

This program is designed for you to heal and discover your true divine essence increasing self love & self worth; changing your relationship with money from a place of scarcity & lack shifting into a state of financial ease & abundance.

✨ Together we will deepen your connection to GOD (Source) and allow in the flow of abundance, your true birthright.

✨ “Awaken Your Power ” $ transcendence program is about elevating YOU into new levels of freedom, higher levels of consciousness and higher energy frequencies. Together we will bring YOU into vibrational alignment with your higher self, your divine blueprint, pure divine love, the energy of money & abundance and YOU will step with confidence into your new KICK ASS life!

✨ NO LONGER shall you need someone to fix you, save you, financially support you!

✨ YOU will be given all the tools you need to literally SAVE YOURSELF with lots of Angelic Goddess support from me! ❤ ✨


✨ You will experience a Powerful shift out of darkness and into the light.

✨ No longer shall you be a victim, suppressed and feel defeated by life.

✨ Your Confidence shall begin to soar as you are elevated to new levels of aligned Power with the Divine.

✨ You will feel lighter, more free and filled with more joy!

✨ You will free yourself from personal struggle, cyclical patterns, anxiety, depression, pain and suffering.

✨ You will free yourself from a scarcity mindset, resistance to receiving and being worthy of money and abundance in your life!

✨ You will be empowered and OWN YOUR LIFE again! You will rediscover, strengthen your connection to “your light” (your I AM Presence; the KEY to all you desire to experience in life! ).

✨ You will EXPONENTIALLY increase your creative powers giving you the power to create your life as you desire!

✨ You will become a KICK ASS manifestor of your deepest desires! ABUNDANCE! YES please! MORE LOVE! YES please! FREEDOM! YES please! MORE JOY! YES please! MORE BLISS! YES yes yes please!

✨ You will HEAL; breaking through old thoughtforms and belief patterns empowering you to create a life full of Abundance and JOY!

✨ You will Feel the Power of Source energy and learn how to harness this powerful energy creating the highest version of yourself. Your awareness & awesomeness will expand and grow!

“Awaken Your Power” curriculum 104 days with me!

This Includes…

✨ Teaching of transformational knowledge; changing the beliefs & judgments that block you from living the life you desire

✨ Experience- deep guided meditation, practical tools, sound therapy, specialized energy movement techniques, and understand how to implement into your daily life

✨ Weekly private access to me through Voxer (only my clients receive access to this)

✨ Monthly 1-1 deep dive Intuitive Coaching session with Renata

Begin To Heal

Your Life