Meet Renata

As a certified Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer & teacher, I exist to hold a vision for your most high self. I see beyond your seemingly imperfections and lead you to the pure light of your Being. Through proven energy healing tools and techniques I guide you back to the beautiful bright light and the pure love of the divine. Through our work together you will once again discover the purpose you were born with and a sheer joy to live and create. Your natural state is one of complete Harmony; you will gently be guided back to this peaceful place.

Too often we exist like a tortoise in a shell; bound by fear, anxiety, pain and suffering. I exist to help you break open the shell, bringing you out of darkness and into the light. I serve as a bridge between heaven and earth, bringing forth wisdom and guidance from the angels. Intuitively I guide your healing journey, holding a sacred space for you to heal and grow. As your inner light brightens, your dream of living a life of pure delight and joy will be realized.


Renata Kiss-Rohne, B.A. Psychology, Intuitive Energy Coach, Usui & Kundalini® Reiki Master & Teacher, RP-CRA, Intuitive Medium


“I have had reiki treatments in the past, but the experience with Renata are profound. Immediately once she starts the treatment I feel the energy lifting. I always feel a sense of peace and rejuvenation afterwards. Her ability to relay messages from the divine are uniquely given. Renata’s warm and compassionate nature welcomes a trust and comfort in her presence. I look forward to bringing my two year old daughter for a reiki treatment.”
Myra McKay RDH

“Renata has a true gift of unlocking ones energy. She is a gift on enlightenment in this world. ”
Gerry Visca, Author / Speaker / Publisher

“In all my years in health and wellness I have crossed paths with many Healers & Reiki practitioners, many I’m sure are well trained in these fields. There are very few, however, who immediately captivate you with their grace and energy; there are very few like Renata. There is just something about Renata, when you are in her presence or interact with her, something inside you just knows that she can help and heal, you through her skills. I was not even fully aware of all that Reiki could do for me until I met Renata, at that point I knew I had to experience this incredible kind of energy work through her. After a session with her, you are left with a deep sense of peace, knowingness and clarity – it’s amazing! Thank you Renata.”
Angela Kontgen, Coach

Renata has completely changed our lives from the moment we met her. She introduced us to reiki and personal meditation and we have benefited greatly from this healing practice. Renata is caring and nurturing and truly takes a personal approach to a persons individual needs. She has a gift and loves to share it with people. Her inner light shines out to all who meet her!
Nicole and Tom Reynolds

Renata’s services and workshops have helped my son and I so much. My son and I have both visited her in her home studio, and we have both received such wonderful benefits from her treatments. Most recently, I took a workshop aimed at transforming how I feel about money, and my relationship to it. She helped me have such an awakening about the energy and vibration I was putting out into the universe, and she gave me the tools I need to implement changes in my life immediately. Most of all, she is generous with her time, and her gifts, and I am so thankful for her guidance and patience with us as we work towards living the best lives we can. I would recommend her to anyone.”
Catherine Tait

Renata Kiss came into my life last fall and I could tell she had an incredible heart. Everything she does is from a base of love and care for her clients . Her “Money-Changing your beliefs “ project is no different . I was attracted to this workshop to help alleviate anxiety I had surrounding money. The healing and heart opening which I received helped to not only calm the anxiety I was experiencing it also allowed me to see my situation from a new and fresh perspective . I highly recommend this workshop to all. Renata is a powerful healer .